1964 was a year of change and confusion for America, still mourning the death of President Kennedy and waiting for a new hope.  On the Ed Sullivan show,  the country experienced a new beginning as they were introduced to John, Paul, George and Ringo.  

Beatlemania Stage Show, costumed in the famous fine tailored, velvet collared black suits and skinny ties,  recreates this landmark event in American history performing the hits that started the mania.  
Experience the energy, excitement and frenzy in this live 
theatrical performance while the Beatlemania Stage Show 
recreates the original vocal and instrumentation sounds of 
the albums live on stage.  Songs in this act include She Loves You, Please Please Me, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Eight Days A Week, Yesterday, I Saw Her Standing There and more.
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'Can't Buy Me Love' - performed by Beatlemania Stage Show

'Twist and Shout' - performed by Beatlemania Stage Show