By late 1965, the “mop-top quartet” was growing out of their ‘pop’ image and were beginning to be influenced by other artists, cultures and their own developing minds.  The year premiered their second film, in color. Their hectic touring schedule was becoming intolerable, feeling that their music was not heard over the thousands of screaming fans.  By August of 1966 they concluded that to stop touring and to record was the only way to grow in their newly discovered musical interests. 

    Mid way through the first Set of the production, Beatlemania Stage Show changes into a second costume, depicting the new growing and changing the Beatles were going through both personally
and musically.  

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'Rain' - performed by Beatlemania Stage Show

'In My Life' - performed by Beatlemania Stage Show

'Eleanor Rigby' - performed by Beatlemania Stage Show

Literately speaking through their lyrics, they perform songs Help!, Nowhere Man and Day Tripper while appearing with a new image. Gone are the days of identically dressed "mop-tops" - for the first time we see John, Paul, George and Ringo express themselves on a personal level within the group.  
Beatlemania Stage Show appears on stage in classic black turtlenecks and shaded sun glasses as well as varying sports coats and individual styles, displaying the changes within the Beatles personal musical tastes  as they begin to spread in very different directions.