In 1967 the drug culture was in full swing.  A peaceful outlook and the beginning of Flower Power was in the air around the world.  More creative time was being spent in the recording studio experimenting with new sounds and recording techniques.  These times led The Beatles to produce albums Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine as well as one of the era's most influential landmark albums, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The Beatlemania Stage Show returns in Act III brilliantly adorned in authentic silk Sgt. Pepper costumes as they perform live their songs and anthems which influenced the new direction of popular music at the time.

Experience the magical mystery tour back in time as Beatlemania Stage Show performs live songs of the time including Strawberry Fields, A Day In The Life, Penny Lane, Yellow Submarine, Got To Get You Into My Life, With A Little Help From My Friends and many more.
'Good Morning' - performed by Beatlemania Stage Show

'Penny Lane' - performed by Beatlemania Stage Show

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Everything you experience during the Show, is performed live onstage by the nations four most talented musicians.  This production uses no backing tracks, sequencing or offstage musicians to achieve the uncanny harmonies, instrumentation and orchestrations identical to the original recordings.