1968 / 1969 was a time of turmoil, riots and war. The sixties were coming to an end, as was this musical phenomenon. Under the pressures of growing apart, having individual projects, wants and needs, a slow deterioration began.  Studio hours became longer and more drawn out as more distractions entered lives.  Yet, they still released No. 1 selling albums and singles which continued to represent the changing world.

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'Revolution' - performed by Beatlemania Stage Show

'Back In The USSR' - performed by Beatlemania Stage Show

'Across The Universe' - performed by Beatlemania Stage Show

The final Act, displays a striking visual shift as the cast of the 
Beatlemania Stage Show appear on stage depicting the group 
as separate, mature and self-reliant individuals.  Long hair, 
facial hair and individual attire lend to the on stage impact that 
the group members are heading in different life directions.  
The Beatlemania Stage Show performs the hits of the the 
White Album, Abbey Road and Let it Be with the enthusiasm,
 energy, charisma, magic and pure passion that the Beatles 
always possessed.  

Performing live on stage favorites including Come Together, 
Hey Jude, Revolution, Something, Get Back and more, the 
"End of An Era" performance demonstrates the unifying of 
four individuals, sharing years of success, maturing, 
experimenting, differences, friendship and together 
changing music forever.